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  • The Modobag Is A Luggage Lets You Ride On It


    Are you someone who travels with as little luggage as possible? Or are you the type that packs as much as they can? If you are the sort that packs a lot, then you know that luggages can get pretty heavy if you plan on lugging them around onto public transport, to your hotel, around the airport, and so on. Enter the Modobag. This is a piece of luggage that […]

  • Renaissance Australia: 10 Australian Startups, Including Fintech & Cybersecurity, Join Tel-Aviv Accelerator Program


    Earlier this week, StartUpIsrael reported that 10 Australian startups from Fintech and cyber security are joining a Tel-Aviv accelerator program. Dave Sharma, Australia’s ambassador in Tel Aviv, told StartUpIsrael; “Australia is seeking to become a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy. We have been blessed with natural resources, and that is both a blessing and a curse, as we have had no need to focus on emerging areas for growth.” Tel Aviv was pinpointed as one of five locations around the world the Australian government had selected to help incubate a greater sense of innovation and entrepreneurship. These “Landing Pad” locations were selected based on their status as a “global innovation hub” and their startup ecosystem. The cities include; San Francisco, Singapore, Berlin, Shanghai and Tel-Aviv. Earlier this year an Australian government minister explained; “Innovation in our economy is key to our nation’s future jobs and growth which is why the Government is vigorously..

  • Plutus Raises $1 Million in Crowdsale of Plutons


    ICYMI London-based start-up Plutus Tap & Pay raised money in a “Crowdsale”. Plutus is creating a contactless payment system for cryptocurrencies. According to a statement by Plutus; “Over a thousand people rushed to participate to what was probably the shortest 9 day crowdfunding round to raise over $1 million USD in digital currencies, and over 4532 members have already signed up to prepare for the launch of” Plutus explains that while Bitcoin utilization is growing worldwide, mass adoption by merchants has not really happened. There is really no Bitcoin point of sale infrastructure in place – yet. They want to create a practical application for digital currencies to be utilized by merchants now. The Plutus team says it has a “singular vision” to create a streamlined payment system using blockchain. Alongside the raising of $1 million USD and boosting its user base, Plutus says it has attracted former senior business manager Bertrand Dezard from VISA and Braintree / Pay..

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