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  • iAngels Has Raised $50 Million for Early Stage Companies as it Raises $15 Million for Fund


    iAngels, an equity crowdfunding platform that provides access to the hot tech market in Israel, has now raised over $50 million since launch having deployed $20 million in 63 portfolio companies. iAngels empowers smaller, accredited investors by connecting them with deals they have already thoroughly vetted. According to their website; “Because of our experience, reach and reputation, we bring you deals that few outside of Israel get to see (until the deal’s been made and you’re reading about it in Forbes).” iAngels has just raised $15 million for an early stage investment fund. Accredited investors may participate for as little as $10,000. iAngels will co-invest in each company placing from $250,000 to $1 million of their own capital to work giving them skin in the game. iAngels co-founder Mor Assia told Haaretz; “The fund was formed to provide a supportive home for promising startups at the outset of their growth, to answer not just their funding needs, but to accompany them thro..

  • P2P Lender EstateGuru Pushes into Latvia


    EstateGuru, a peer to peer lender based in Estonia, has announced an expansion into neighboring Latvia. The announcement comes just as EstateGuru announced earlier this month having topped €10 million in lending. EstateGuru is an online lender providing loans secured by real property for short to mid-term financing. During the past two years the platform has provided funding for over 65 projects by investors from 27 European countries. EstateGuru co­founder and CEO Marek Pärtel stated; “Being in real estate business for 15 years I have observed situations when the business plan has been solid, borrowers are experienced, however, the “computer says No”­ banks have decided not to fund the project. EstateGuru’s 4500 investors are always ready to fund promising business plans provided security is in place.” EstateGuru’s shared their first deal in Latvia – up to a €430,000 loan that pays investors a 12.5% annual interest rate. The loan will provide bridge financing for pre­development o..

  • Korea Financial Services Commission Launches Fintech Open Platform


    South Korea is claiming a “world’s first” in launching the Fintech Open Platform designed to boost Fintech development in Korea, according to the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The Fintech Open Platform is described as a combination of a website where Fintech firms can download program commands used for development of Fintech services, and a physical space where they can run test operations of the programs they developed. The FSC explains there is an open API system within Fintech Open Platform that provides program commands needed when programming Fintech services with banking functions including money transfer and balance check in the form of standardized application programming interface (API). Previously, financial service innovators had to sign separate contracts with each commercial banks in order to embed banking services in their programs. FSC provides an example of the challenges that are no more; For example [in the past], even if a Fintech firm signed a contract wit..

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